Wednesday, January 7, 2009

South Africa: ANC condemns Israel's "horrendous attacks"

Perhaps no-one knows the importance of international solidarity, better than those who struggled against Apartheid in South Africa (a regime that, unsurprisingly, had good relations with fellow racist settler-state Israel). Below is a statement of the ANC, themselves once a resistance movement branded as terrorists by Western governments, condemning the Israeli atrocities;

"Statement issued by the African National Congress January 6 2008


The ANC is unambiguous in condemning the horrendous attacks that are currently taking place in Gaza.

We believe that it is way beyond time that the Israeli government accepts the position outlined by the United Nations (UN); most notably in the UN Human Rights Commission Resolution of June 1996.

It is clear to the ANC that as long as Israel continues to occupy land rightfully belonging to the Palestinian people, there will not be a lasting solution to the problems and conflict in the Middle East region. The ANC has always firmly believed that the Palestinian people have a right to exist within a sovereign state with secure borders alongside a sovereign Israeli state.

The ANC calls for an immediate end to the ongoing Israeli bombing and ground attacks of civilians in Gaza, which has led to the death of hundreds of civilians and injury to thousands more. Collective punishment is not going to resolve the enmity between Palestine and Israel; what will move the peace process forward is addressing the root cause of the conflict.

Israel is in violation of international laws governing retaliatory engagements and is creating a deep humanitarian crisis.

We call on the leaders of the international community to do more than condemn the ongoing hostility against the people of Palestine and to demand that Israel withdraw from all occupied territories in Palestine and ends the siege."

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