Monday, January 19, 2009

Sudanese artists to make mural in solidarity with the people of Gaza

Speaking to the press at an artists workshop in solidarity with Gaza, the president of of the Sudanese Plastic Artists' General Association Abdel-Moneim al-Khudar vowed to create a huge mural glorifying the solidarity of the Sudanese people with all the oppressed peoples of the world, and specifically with the Palestinian people in Gaza. He also stated the intention of the Association to continue to educate the people about imperialism and Zionism.

For his part, the General Secretary of the National Council of Literature and Arts Sadiq Mujtaba, also demonstrated his solidarity with Gaza, stating that the artists workshop in solidarity with Gaza was a unique event. Mujtaba said that the paintings and drawings that have been produced at the workshop will be a powerful weapon in the struggle against tyranny.

Source: al-Midan, unofficial summary and translation by the Gaza; Peace n' Freedom blog, full article below;

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