Monday, January 26, 2009

Psychiatrist in Gaza: War was directed against women and children

Swedish newspaper DN has an interview with Rawia Borno, the sole psychiatrist that was amongst the international doctors that have been able to enter the Gaza strip after the cease-fire. Borno, veteran from many missions to zones of war, comments:
"-I've never seen so many traumatized people after a war, I've never seen such a war, directly directed against the civilian population, against women and children without any distinction. This is a new form of war crimes, which should actually be called terrorism."


  1. Why is all coverage of the terrible situation in Gaza so focused on women and children? Are young, male civilians an acceptable, legitimate target?

    This is a link to an article on World Socialist Web Site.
    Also very, very important to remember that there are splits within Israeli society.
    The Zionist military machine has feet of clay. A united struggle by Jew, Muslim and all the peoples of the region for a United Secular Socialist State is the underlying threat to the Zionists, Arab rulers and US Imperialism.