Sunday, January 11, 2009

Botswana Muslim Association condemns Israeli Apartheid state

From Mmegi Online;
"For the Botswana Muslim Association (BMA), "Israel is an apartheid state" and "Israel's occupation of Palestine is a very sad situation," said its Deputy Chairman Bawood Khonat.

He said it was ironic that "Zionists", who were victims of horrible atrocities committed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, should become perpetrators of similar horrors themselves.

"What happened to them is what they are doing to the Palestinian people," Khonat said."


  1. yes it is great and this was a great idea to make a blog of all protests... i tried to appeal for photos and video from bosnia and serbia to be sent to this blog, but all i could find were these links on the net...

    interestingly, in bosnia, there were protests in sarajevo (which also experienced a horrible siege during war) and goražde (where genocide threatened to happen). there were also protests in tuzla where women of srebrenica called people to rally. they see that what is happening is not what israel is claiming, but crimes against humanity and genocide.

  2. also: some muslim organisations in bosnia have started to boycott israeli products, sports and art events and products of companies known to support israel