Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Real friends of Israel rejects the war on Gaza"

An interesting commentary is published in DN, by Swedish journalist Peter Löfgren. Löfgren points to the fact that "Every time the leaders of Israel have used excessive military violence to 'create securtity', the result has instead been the emergence of new, yet more dangerous enemies", describing how the Israeli intelligence services stimulated the creation of Hamas as a counter-weight to the PLO during the 1980s, and how the brutalities in southern Lebanon radicalized the Lebanese Shi'ites and paved the way for Hezbollah to become a dominant force in Lebanese Shi'ite politics. In Löfgren's reasoning, the atrocities committed against the children of Gaza will in the end pose more dangers for Israel in a broader perspective.

More from the Swedish press: DN also reports that the number of causalities are about to reach 1,000 (see also 1, 2, 3, 4). SvD also carries a report on the Israeli refusal to let of medical personel and supplies enter Gaza. has an article on the emerging calls for boycotts of Israel, whilst SMP has an article on the sports boycott of Israel. The Evangelical daily Dagen, tries to find a silver-lining in the arrival of some aid deliveries.

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