Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ban-Ki Moon visits Gaza, demands an investigation on Israeli attacks

UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon became the first world leader to see the devastation of the Gaza massacre with his own eyes. In regards to the targetting of U.N. buildings in Gaza by Israeli forces, the Secretary-General demanded that be an investigation of the events. The U.N. headquarters in Gaza were bombed with white phosphorus, destroying a large cache of humanitarian supplies.

Let's not forget that this was not the first time Israel has targetted U.N. buildings. In 1996 Israel bombed a U.N. building in Qana, southern Lebanon, killing 106 civilians who had sought refugeee in the building and four U.N. soldiers. The Israeli state must put to trial for its crimes, so that there be no more massacres like in Gaza or Qana.

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