Sunday, January 18, 2009

PFLP: Legitimacy is with the resistance

Ma'an News Agency has produced an interesting commentary interview with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, on the current phase of the liberation struggle. Some excerpts;
"Both Hamas and the PFLP are in the camp of resistance, the camp of defending our people, our cause and our fundamental rights. Both the PFLP and Hamas reject so-called "negotiations," reject cooperation with the occupier, and reject any so-called political solutions based on the denial and abrogation of the rights of our people. The parties both stand united in resistance to the massacres and genocide being committed against the Palestinian people. This is the unity, and the relationship, that matters now: unity, in struggle, for our people, our cause, and our rights."

"The only Palestinian legitimacy that matters now is the legitimacy of resistance. This is the definition of our national unity - confronting the occupier and its crimes against our people and upholding and defending our people and our rights. The legitimacy now is not that of the "Palestinian Authority" - legitimacy is formed by standing with the resistance, with our steadfast people, against the crimes of the occupier. This is a defining moment for the Palestinian national movement and the Palestinian cause, facing an enemy bent on its destruction, and the question is for all: to be with the resistance or to stand aside and thus allow the assault to continue."

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