Monday, January 26, 2009

BBC vs DEC row: Hypocrisy beyond borders

Well, this is almost over-debated by now, but I'd just have to state that I think the BBC's reasoning on not broadcasting an appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza is way to bizarre to comprehend. Stating that Gaza is an 'ongoing news story', and thus Gazans don't deserve basic anemities shows a stark lack of sensitivity to human needs.

Bringing up the 'suffering and distress of civilians and combatants on both sides of the conflict' is nonsense in this context. Don't the 10s of Israeli victims of the current conflict have access to food, medicine and housing at present?

And when BBC did run Darfur or Congo DEC appeals, were those conflicts not ongoing news stories? Did the BBC not bother to be 'impartial' then?

News links: Sydsvenskan, Politiken

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