Friday, January 30, 2009

Donations to Gaza is 'support to terrorism' by default, according to Swedish prosecutor

The Kafkaesque trial against an official of the al-Aqsa Foundation in Malmö, Sweden, is set to begin on Monday February 2. The al-Aqsa Foundation official, a Swedish citizen of Palestinian origin, is accused of 'supporting terrorism'. According to his own account he has only managed donations for humanitarian purposes, stating that 13 000 USD has been sent for pediatric care and other charitable purposes.

The prosecutor, Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström, does not challenge the claim that the money has been used for charitable purposes, but states that "to put money into that system, regardless of what purpose, is indirectly to support terror" ("Att peta in pengar någonstans i det här systemet, oavsett var, är att indirekt stödja terror.") Her logic is quite stark, namely that any financial transanction into the Gaza strip indirectly supports terrorism. That is, essentially, collective guilt elevated as a general legal standard.

In the legal case, the prosecution is expected to rely heavily on materials fabricated by the Israeli intelligence services. The entire court case is a tragic charade, from its very onset.

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