Monday, January 19, 2009

Israel has already initiated its defense against war crimes trials

Both Norwegian VG and Swedish TT have noted that the Israeli state apparatus is increasingly wary of the possibility that they might face war crimes trials after their cowardly atrocities in Gaza. Appearently, they are already building their defense case, enlisting support from their Western allies.

Israeli politicians might well find themselves in the same situation as former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet did, as he was detained in London during extradition procedings.

Also, one of the clearest headlines yet on the Gaza carnage (in VG),
"-We'll be out before Obama's inauguration" (see also Público, DN),
clarifying some reasons behind the timing of the massacre and the complicity of the Bush regime in the killings.

See also: article in DN and SvD12 on Israeli demands for international impunity.

Debattartikel i Barometern om kravet på att israeliska ledare ställs till ansvar för sina brott.

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  1. You're right.
    And, while the world watch Obama Media Show, what about the Gaza 1.5 million people with the infrastructure destroyed?