Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Luleå Holocaust Memorial

The news that Luleå muncipality had cancelled a Holocaust memorial event has reached the pages of the Jerusalem Post, thus making the squabble between local politicians in the northern Swedish town an international controversy.

I short note should be made here, the event was not organized (and cancelled) by the municipality as such, but by the Immigration Services Department of the municipality (not the municipal board, as stated in Jerusalem Post). The decision to cancel the event had been taken prior to the Gaza massacre, due to lack of participants in last year's event. Last year, most of the participants in the torch-light march had been municipal employees. This is not the first time the Holocaust memorial event has been cancelled by the municipality either.

Also noting a high level of political debate amongst the reader of jpost.com. One of the comments on the Luleå story:
"6. Swedes
Once a antismite always a antismite.The teach their kids the same hate that Hams and Hezfulah and the rest of jew hating arabs teach but in a modern way, not with suicide bombing but with suicide action.SHAME ON YOU.
sia - usa (01/27/2009 12:29)"

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