Monday, January 26, 2009

On Proportionality

You don't have to be a hardcore activist to understand that the Israeli propaganda claims of 'self-defense' are skewed or outright lies (although there are always a few who wish to swallow propaganda rather than looking at the situation on the ground).

Claes Sandgren (photo: IMM), Professor of Law at Stockholm University, comments to SvD after returning home from a joint delegation of FIDH and the International Commission of Jurists,;
"–During the 8 years that preceded this winter's conflict, 18 Israelis have been killed by rockets from Gaza. That is in average two deaths per year. But during the 3 years that preceded the war, 2005-2008, Israel killed 1,250 Palestinians in Gaza."

Professor Sandgren moreover comments that, whilst it would be difficult to try Israel for war crimes in the International Crimal Court (due to that Israel is not a signatory to ICC and that there would probably be an American veto in the U.N. Security Council against trying Israel in the ICC), there are several other venues in which Israeli war crimes against U.N. conventions could be investigated and tried.

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