Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leftwing forces salute the international solidarity with Palestine

Four leftwing groups met yesterday and in their joint statement, which condemned the brutality of the Israeli aggression and called for broad Palestinian national unity, a message was conveyed to the millions around the world who arose in defense of the people of Gaza during the last month:
"And we also salute all the forces, movements and solidarity groups, from around the entire world which acted in solidarity with our people, led by the diverse freedom-lovers. Especially we pay tribute to the left-wing and communist states, forces and parties, movements of solidarity with the Palestinian people and in particular Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, as well as other forces and movements.

Long live the Palestinian national unity,
Glory and eternity for our innocent martyrs,
and Forward for the sake of unity, freedom and democracy

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian People's Party, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Democratic Front for Peace and Equality"

(unofficial translation by the Gaza; Peace n' Freedom blog)

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