Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boycott Veolia

The multinational company Veolia (formerly Connex), which amongst other things run public transport systems around several countries, is an active participant in the illegal occupation of Palestinian areas. Veolia is building an railway line in the occupied West Bank, in violation of international law. The railway line is intended for Israeli settlers only, and cuts through Palestinian areas.

See for example a report at Diakonia website (in Swedish), article in the Christian daily Dagen or report from al-Jazeera (at youtube).

There are several ways you can act. You can contact Veolia or any of their subsidiaries, and declare your opposition to their involvement with Israeli Apartheid policies. You can also pressure local politicians not to use Veolia for public transport services.

Concretely, regarding Veolia's bid to keep running the Stockholm metro railway system, you can sign an online petition. As a Stockholmer you should also write to the local politicians and newspapers. The decision is taken on January 20, 2009, so time is running out. Get Veolia out of Stockholm!


News links: 1, 2


Update: Veolia lost the bid for the 3+ billion euro contract. The Hong Kong-based firm MTR won the contract. The SL (Stockholm Local Traffic) board motivated their decision of economic and logistic basis. We cannot assert at this point whether the protests against Veolia's West Bank project had an impact on the decision.

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