Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Philippine Protests on Gaza: Throwing Giant Shoe at Israel Embassy

As promised, here's the video from yesterdays protest action in the Philippines.

Also, another video from Manila. This video covers two separate demonstrations, one by BAYAN and the shoe-protest by PLM. It is not a "Muslim protests outside Israeli embassies in Philippines" as the youtube uploader has stated, BAYAN and PLM are leftwing movements, with whom a variety of Muslim minority organizations cooperate.

Also noting that protests are raised for sports boycott in New Zealand. There's a glorious history of sports boycotts in the antipodes, from rugby and cricket boycotts during Apartheid in South Africa.

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    1000 + Fighter Jet Flights over Gaza Air-sapce

    10 -days Continous WAR

    500 + Innocent people killed

    3000 + Injured

    No Power + No Water + No letup in Bombing

    Naval + Airial + Ground forces attacking palestinians from last over
    two weeks with number of hi-tech weapons

    Where is Bush ?
    where is Tony Blair ?
    Where is Mushraaf ?

    where is Sheikhs of Arab League i.e. Saudi , Jordanin ( specially King
    Abdullah & Queen Rania ( she is palestinian) ) , Moroccon