Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On Israeli Labour

The Swedish Social Democratic Member of the European Parliament Göran Färm today raised some criticism of their Israeli fraternal party, led by the genocidal Ehud Barak. Färm calls the Israeli actions violations of international law. He also states that the EU should open dialogues with Hamas, arguing that there realistic forces within Hamas who would be willing to support recognition of Israel.

However Färm falls short of the obvious conclusion from the warmongering policies of the Israeli Labour Party, namely to demand that they be expelled from the Socialist International. By this point any illusions on the 'doveness' of the Israeli Labour Party should be shed, in fact they have governed through decades with dismal records of human rights.


Press release from the Swedish Social Democrats, issued January 7, showing the weird attitude of not being able to condemn the aggression without a brasklapp.

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  1. Expelling them from the Socialist International would be a good idea.