Sunday, January 11, 2009

Women's International Democratic Federation condemns Israeli attack

The WIDF – Women's International Democratic Federation expresses its condemnation to the killing military attack perpetrated by the Zionist State of Israel at the Gaza Strip, in Palestine, with the support and the protection of the Bush Administration

After more than ten days of air bombing and now also by land, this unprecedented war crime and leaves hundreds of deaths and thousand of wounded people, among then women, children and elder ones, in the middle of a large destruction, leaving the Palestine people without electricity, in total darkness, without food, without water and without medicines in the hospitals that are face a real collapse.

These criminals attack unarmed people, mainly Palestine children and women that live in the region, victims of the bombs that were thrown in their houses, schools and works. They use modern military technologies against a nation without conventional armed forces and without arming to defend themselves.

Full text, in Spanish and English, at IAC website.

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