Sunday, January 4, 2009

Statement from Partido Lakas ng Masa, Philippines

"We Are All Palestinians! Stop Israel's Genocidal War & Occupation of the Gaza & Palestine!

The Partido Lakas ng Masa, Philippines, adds its voice to the international outrage and condemnation of the Israeli assault and now the ground assault of Israeli troops against a defenceless Palestinian people in the Gaza strip and stands as one with Hamas, the legitimate government of the Palestinian people in Gaza. In opposition to the brutal Israeli attack on Gaza we say: "We Are All Palestinians!".

At the same time we also draw attention to and condemn the backing of US imperialism for the Israeli state and US support for the current Israeli occupation and bombardment of Gaza. Without the support of world imperialism, and especially the support of the US, Israel cannot get away with such genocidal actions against the Palestinian population and continue to survive. We condemn the US and the Bush Administration support, as well as the US Congress vote in support of Israel's most recent assault and occupation of Gaza.

In the same breadth we oppose any suggestion that Hamas is in any way equally responsible for the events unfolding. Hamas is a legitimate liberation movement struggling against the Israeli occupier and aggressor. Any condemnation and demands to end the war must be directed at Israel. The 'blame' lies with the brutal Israeli occupation and aggression and not with the liberation movement fighting to free the Palestinian people.

We demand:

* Israeli troops out of Gaza!
* Israel immediately halts the bombardment of Gaza!
* An immediate arms embargo against Israel!
* We call on the Philippines government to immediately freeze all diplomatic relations with Israel!

We also support calls for an international boycott of Israeli products and sanctions against Israeli investments. For example, we support the international campaign against Motorola and its fully-owned subsidiary Motorola Israel, to end its production and sales of all communications devices to the Israeli military, including all radar detection devices.

Ultimately, we stand by our principled support for a free, democratic and secular Palestine."

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