Monday, January 5, 2009

Petition: Stop the Israeli crimes against Gaza!

Read the petition (in French) at le Grand Soir.


Also; note that several European NGOs demands revising/scrapping the shameful trade agreements between Israel and the European Union.


  1. Is there a petition to censure the BBC for its refusal to carry the DEC appeal?

    There should be. Clearly the BBC has bowed to pro-Israeli lobbyists.

    We should all withhold licence fees.

  2. "We should all withhold licence fees."

    I intend to do precisely that until this decision is reversed.

    I'll be calling my bank on Monday to cancel my TV license DD and would urge others who feel as I do to do the same.

    If enough of us do that then they'll soon listen!

  3. I agree withhold licence fees. Protest more. I have already emailed the bbc to tell them what a disgrace they are & my bbc viewing days are over. Don't buy Israeli products.