Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nicaragua - in solidarity with Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians and Nicaraguans gathered at Rotonda Rubén Darío in Managua, to condemn the massacre against the Palestinian people conducted by the Israeli state. Amongst the crowd, the Palestinian, Nicaraguan and FSLN flags were seen.

Also, the Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has come out strongly against the Israeli atrocities. In a statement on the conflict, he said that "I want... to ask the international community to make all necessary efforts to stop the criminal acts of the Israeli government against the suffering Palestinian people,". Moreover he has criticized countries like the United States and Israel, which according to Ortega "spend (money) to destroy highways, kill children and entire families in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of investing for the development of all peoples."

1 comment:

  1. Great!
    All over the world people is rising - We will not forget.
    Free Palestine!
    Here in Sweden, on saturday, thousands will demonstrat against Israels massacre.. Keep on fighting! We are many more and stronger!