Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Liberal Media Bias: Palestinians are humans like us?

Sometimes you can get quite amazed on the short-sightedness of some people. Check out the following link on youtube.com. Basically, there are two components here. 1) there a CNN news video, 2) there is a commentary by the uploader stating "CNN has been screaming about civilians 24 hours a day and they badly want to turn public opinion against Israel." and a title saying "CNN Anchor Compares Gaza to Manhattan". The comment from the CNN anchor which infuriated the uploader, is exactly the comparison between Gaza and lower Manhattan.

One might say that's an objectively relevant comparison considering population density and size of the area. So where's the trouble? Well, the comparison is founded on the assumption that people in both Manhattan and Gaza City are people of flesh and blood, like you and me. That's a fact difficult to digest for the friends of Israel.

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