Monday, January 5, 2009

Large protests in Mauritania against Gaza genocide

"Students continue their marches to support Gaza",
"A students protest march to condemn the bombardments of the Zionist army against the defense-less populations, hungering and under the embargo of Gaza, was held in front of the National Assembly and towards the Senate."

Ahmad Ould Daddah, leader of the opposition party RFD, demands a rupture of diplomatic relations with Israel, at a press conference in response to the Gaza carnage. Mauritania is one of three Arab states which shamefully has diplomatic links with Israel.

Women held sit-in demonstrations at the National Assembly demanding a break of diplomatic ties with Israel.

"The Senate, the Opposition and the Association of Mayor demands a break in the diplomatic relations between Nouakchott and Tel-Aviv"

Thousands march in solidarity with Gaza in Guérou, December 29, 2008. The demonstration included hundreds of vehicles. Guérou is a town in the southern Assaba region of Mauritania.

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