Friday, January 9, 2009

Gaza: 21 medics killed by Israeli forces

A must-see news report from al-Jazeera;

21 medics have been killed by bombs and snipers, whilst trying save lives in the killing fields of Gaza. All the tributes to them, their bravery is an inspiration to us all, to continue the campaign for a stop to the massacre, demand breaking diplomatic & trade links with the Israeli murder-state and advocate a complete boycott of all Israeli goods.

Do also note one other feature of the video posted above. One Palestinian man, points to the fact that the children killed in Gaza were killed for the sake of Israeli elections. Really, noone can seriously claim that the present escalation was motivated from a military point of view. Rather it was the falling opinion poll rathings of the corruption-ridden Kadima & the Israeli Labour Party which made the need urgent for military offensive in order to produce a nationalist ire that follows. Barak & Livni might reap the benefits and score ministerial posts, the children of Gaza pay the price.

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