Friday, February 20, 2009

Viva Palestina convoy enters Algeria

The Viva Palestina convoy, the massive relief convoy from Britain led by MP George Galloway, has been able to cross the Morocco-Algeria border. The border is usually closed due to conflict between the two states. See video below:

Also: George Galloway comments on the visit of the convoy in Morocco.


  1. Hi.

    I think they're crossing the border today?

    I'm quite disgusted that the media - even the progressive, non-mainstream media - isn't covering the aid/peace-activist convoy to Gaza ( in my view it's REALLY news, that 'ordinary people' take matters into their own hands this way.. we all could learn a thing or two from this (disclaimer: I was a member of the not quite succesful, but still empowering Human Shield Mission to Iraq, in 2003)

    ANYWAY, to do my bit, I've set up a blog with news, updates, video and an online petition from the Viva Palestina aid convoy:

    Please help spread the word to as many people as possible. This really could make a huge difference!

    Peter Kofod, former 'human shield' in Iraq.

  2. Well, I was perhaps a bit to rash to assume that the opening (reported on Thursday) also meant that the convoy had passed...