Friday, February 20, 2009

Jordanian intellectuals protest siege of Gaza at Rafah border-crossing

A delegation from "Jordanian Intellectuals for Gaza" (مثقفون اردنيون من اجل غزة), which has travelled to Rafah border crossing in order to visit the besieged area, has protested the complicity of the Egyptian government and other states in enforcing the illegal blockade on the people of Gaza.

In protest of their denial of entry into the Gaza strip, the delegation carried out a sit-in manifestation at the border crossing.

The delegation includes personalities such as the artist Mohammad Nasrallah, the musician Kamal Khalil, the cartoonist Muhammad Abu Afifah, Awda Nabah, the cartoonist Abdul Rahman al-Jabari, the media personality Kawther Arar and the young poet Yusuf Abu Jaish. The delegation is led by the writer Dr. Hisham Bustani. The delegation has been organized by the Jordanian Writers Association, the Socialist Thought Forum, the Jordanian Philosophical Society, the Jordanian Plastic Arts Association and the Jordanian Cartoonists Association.

Source: PFLP website

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