Monday, February 2, 2009

GWOT logics

In an earlier post I had commented how the brutality of the Israeli assualt on Gaza and the silent acceptance of Western governments to the Israeli atrocities, also has negative impacts on other conflicts around the world. Many governments are eager to copy-cat the pathological Israeli rhetoric of branding all of it's actions as 'fight against terrorism'. In short the logic is that as long as you can brand your enemy a 'terrorist', you can get away with anything.

Compare the following video (al-Jazeera trailer)

with the final parts of this January 30 al-Jazeera broadcast

The is a stark similarity, namely that both the Israeli and Sri Lankan ministers seek to avoid the actual question of responsibility of bombings of trapped civilians by focusing on characterizing and demonizing their enemies as 'terrorist'. The Sri Lankan Human Rights Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe mimics Livni in stating that "Our fight is not with the civilians. ... Our fight is with terrorism".

The Sri Lankan civil war and the Israeli occupation of Palestine are not 100% analogous, there are important differences between the two conflicts, but the logic of how international conventions are disregarded in the light of the Global War on Terror is a common feature.

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