Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hadash vote

The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (better known by its Hebrew acronym 'Hadash', meaning 'new'), the mass front of the Communist Party of Israel, appears to be getting four seats (up from three in 2006). The votes of the front has been increased by a quarter, and at its website it is declared that the result is "a victory of all the masses of our people".

In two subdistricts, Jezreel and Akko, Hadash became the largest party. In Nazareth, the party won 52% of the votes, in Umm al-Fahm (the largest Arab city in Israel) 54%, Mashhad 36%, Tur'an 47%, Shefa-'Amr 38%, Tamra 35%, Maghar 24%, etc. (Hadash has summarized the vote in Arab towns and villages here) In Haifa, the party got 4% of the votes, but dominated in several neighbourhoods. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa Hadash received 2%. The Arab neighbourhoods in the southern parts of the city, United Arab List (Ra'am)-Ta'al became the largest party. But Hadash presence has not limited to the Arab neighbourhoods, but spread in various other parts of the city. The party has noted an increasing support from young people in Tel Aviv.

The four Knesset members of the party will be Muhammad Barakeh, Hanna Sweid, Dov Henin and Abu Agberiah.

Hadash contested the elections on a platform opposing discrimination and social injustices. It campaigns for equality between Jews and Arab. During the Gaza massacre, it actively mobilized opposition to the bombings. In the election it ran the slogan 'Opposite of Lieberman: Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies' (see bumber sticker pictured), positioning itself as the main force for Jewish-Arab cohabitation. Having surpassed the traditional Zionist 'Left' (which supported the massacre in Gaza), Hadash is now the main left force in Israel. After the election result was declared, Dov Hanin stated that "Hadash is currently the largest left-wing movement in Israel, and we therefore have a great responsibility to advance and build the new Left that Israel so dearly needs. A new Left that can offer an real alternative to power politics, Jewish-Arab segregation, cruel capitalism and deepening environmental injustice."

The party has declared that it will not join any governing coalition.

The best result of Hadash in any election was in 1977, when it won five seats. In 2003 it had two seats, in 2006 three.

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