Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barghouti: "…and he stood steadfast before Goliath."

An editorial by Mustafa Barghouti on Palestinian identity and Israeli attempts to distort the media discourse on the Gaza massacre (which according to Malaysiakini caused 1,330 deaths and 5,450 wounded) can be found at Maan News Agency.. An excerpt;
"The world is told, and thus believes, that there is a “war” being waged between two equals, rather than an asymmetric massacre being carried out by the world’s fifth-largest military industrial complex upon one of the world’s last remaining stateless peoples.

Their bombs have killed hundreds of children, women, and civilian men while they systematically destroy the economy and infrastructure of the tiny coastal Strip. They have employed illegal incendiary weapons against heavily populated civilian areas and munitions that burn through our skin and straight to the bone. They have killed doctors, journalists, and aid workers alike in their “war against Hamas and Terror” - and they remain brazenly unapologetic.

Our death toll has climbed into the thousands while the aggressor mourns the loss of little more than a dozen - most of them soldiers - many of whom have died as a result of Israel’s “friendly fire.” Yet people around the world are still made to believe that they are watching a “war” unfold rather than a genocide."

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