Monday, February 2, 2009

Four Palestinian political parties call upon Hamas to stop infringements of people's liberties in the Gaza strip

Four Palestinian political parties, namely the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian People's Party and the Islamic Jihad Movement, have issued a joint call appealing to Hamas to cease its "practices of abuse against the citizens" of the Gaza Strip. The appeal was issued at a joint meeting of the four political groups in the Gaza Strip. The four groups also formed a joint committee in order to "strengthen the steadfastness of our people and get rid of all the wrong and destructive practices damaging the national unity".

According the PFLP politburo member Dr. Rabah Muhanna, the conduct of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip has a negative impact on the unity of the resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The PFLP has noted that various Gaza residents have been shot in their legs or severely beaten in the recent past. The culprits are generally unknown, but accusations are often directed against Hamas and Fatah forces. The PFLP also highlights restrictions put by the Hamas movement on the work of human rights NGOs as well as politically motivated detentions in the Gaza Strip.

Separately, the jailed PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa'adat has stated that the failure to reconcile political differences between Palestinians will only benefit Israel.

Source: PFLP website, Maan News Agency, Svenska Amnesty on situationen i Gaza efter massakern, SvD

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