Sunday, March 29, 2009

PLO list wins UNRWA union election in Gaza

This week, a list of four PLO factions (Fatah, PFLP, DFLP and the Palestinian People's Party) won the UNRWA union elections in the Gaza strip. The PLO list won control over two of three unions (Employees and Service unions) as well as the Executive Committee of the General Workers Union, defeating the incumbent Hamas leadership. Hamas, retained control over the Teachers Union (a position it has held for 16 consecutive years).

There were also some independents and minor factions in the fray.

UNRWA is the most important employer in Gaza, employing some 10,100 Gazans. Turn-out at the union election was high, 97% of employees participated.

Interestingly, whilst Arabic media has highlighted that Hamas was defeated in 2 out of 3 unions and lost control over the union executive, Jerusalem Post ran the headline "Hamas wins teachers union elections for UN schools in Gaza".

Sources: Jerusalem Post, al-Hourriah, Palestinian People's Party, Wafa


Update: Haaretz has an article on the post-election scenario, written by Amira Hass.

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