Monday, March 2, 2009

'Donors' complicit in the Gaza massacre

Perhaps not directly, but indirectly it is the willingness of the international community to finance 'reconstruction' of Gaza which allows Israel to continue its killings and massacres with impunity. In some cases, European taxpayer-funded project have been rebuilt three times in the past ten years, every time Israel destroys, EU opens its pockets to pay for the destruction. There is a clear division of labour established, Israel bombs, EU/USA rebuilds. For the Palestinians 'reconstruction' becomes a Sisyphean task. For Israel, 'reconstruction' becomes an indirect subsidy in case building materials are bought on the Israeli market.

I'm not by any means opposed to sending humanitarian aid to Gaza, but when it comes to rebuilding infrastructure and institutions it should be clear who should pay. Israel destroyed schools, factories, roads, police stations etc., in clear violation of international law. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has testified that industries in the Gaza strip were consciously destroyed, and not by aerial bombardments. Israel, and noone else, should bear the financial burden of reconstruction. Only then will there be an incentive for Israel to stop its murderous assaults on the Palestinian people.

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  1. This is a truly horrid thought, but I can see the point. One might hope that possibly any monetary benefit Israel might reap from the reconstruction will be far outweighed by the International condemnation of their acts. The Obama administration is speaking out against the settlements, as per Hillary, so there is amazing hope and change is in the air. We must try to feel positive and hopeful. And... consider that the world helping in the reconstruction shows of the widening disapproval of the Israeli inflicted devastation, and even highlights the Israeli indifference to the reconstruction. They should be volunteering help, rather than blocking border access..but are as unconcerned to the plight of the Palestinians as they are when they attack all areas of the occupied territories, homes, hospitals and United Nations designated sanctuaries, claiming that every site is occupied by terrorists, no matter any reassurances that is not the case. The international outpouring of assistance is a subtle way for humanity to show their disgust of the situation. It seems that all humanity at this time in our history has a very hard time expressing such feelings, when considering the horrors the Jews went through during the Holocaust. It is a world guilt complex that allows the Israeli war machine and it's expansionary policies to continue as they are...the Palestinians are unfortunately taking the brunt of it. Somewhere I read that The Israelis lost there ability to feel empathy during the Holocaust. The abused grow up to abuse, and the cycle must be broken.