Monday, January 31, 2011

Update Sudan - resistance to reassume Feb 3

Scrimmages between police and demonstrators continued till late at night, especially around the faculty of medicine, University of Khartoum main building and Al Ahlia University in Omdurman.The students and young people movement have recorded their first martyr Mohamed Abd Alrahman ,student at Al Ahlia Unversity.Plans for further mass actions are on the agenda of the political forces. The National Consensus Forum, grouping around 23 political parties and organizations, is still in session.As it is well known the Sudanese Communist Party have already raised the issue of toppling the regime through all legal means including civil uprising and political disobedience.Since last August its branches are working to mobilize the masses in the different sections of the population.[...]

Some of the detainees were released in the early hours of the morning today.However, two persons have completely disappeared at the hands of the security forces.Dr,Husam Malik who seized by the security forces while distributing an appeal in support of the youth demos, and pharmasyst Luis Awail who intervined to treat some of the wounded.All attempts to trace their whereabouts have failed. Their relatives and colleague are quite warried about their destiny.Such incidents in the past usually result in victims being exposed to torture.
Three of the youth organisations have issued joint statement, expressing their satisfaction with the response their call for action have received.The movement youth for change, the neighbourhood resistance, and Griefna, called for mass demostrations to resume on Thursday 3rd of Feb.

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