Friday, January 28, 2011

Lundastudenter demonstrerar på lördag vid egyptiska ambassaden i Köpenhamn

Tid: 29 januari, kl. 12.00
Plats: Egyptens ambassad, Kristianiagade 19, København, Danmark

Shocked by the Egyptian's security forces brutal treatment of the Egyptian protestors, who have been peacefully demonstrating, leading to the death of 6 Egyptian citizens so far.

Aware that the brutal shooting and beating of protestors is a major violation of their human rights and their freedom of expression.

Alarmed by the mild response of the international community to the scandal taking place.
Denouncing the will of the Egyptian government to continue its illegal actions kidnapping, torturing, shooting and beating up of protestors through its security force and trying to cover up its actions through blocking internet sites ( Facebook, Twiter) and phone connections.

We students of Lund University of different faiths, backgrounds and nationalities decide to take a stand against this.

We shall march onto the Egyptian Embassy in Copenhagen on Saturday 29th January 12 noon Local Time.

We shall denounce its use of force against its own people and violation of their basic human rights.

We shall make it clear that these actions that are illegal and inhuman will not pass without condemnation.

We shall send a message of solidarity to the Egyptian citizens whom are being beaten to death by Egyptian state security forces.

We meet at Lund Central Station at 11:00
We move onto the Egyptian Embassy, a street away from the central station in Copenhagen, on foot.

Your voice can make a difference.

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