Sunday, January 30, 2011

An e-mail from Khartoum

An e-mail arrived from Khartoum today.

Keep up support and solidarity, our youth are keeping the fight. Till now we can say the demonstrations are slowly spreading to different parts of the capital.Here we the three towns that is Khartoum,where everything s...tarted,Now as we write there is a fierce battle going on iaround the faculty of medicinebetween riot police and demonstraters. The same is taking place near Khartoum University.Already in Omdurman demonstrations are taking place near Banet,Al Ahlia University and Omdurman Unversity.In Khartoum North demonstrations have just started near the main shopping centre.
Police in civilian clothes is picking up activists in the streets.Apart from thereqular security forces the regime is using its own milisia.There are five youth org. behind todays demonstrations this include Hope and Change,Resistance in the neighbourhood,Youth for Change, Grifna,and First Change. They are composed of radical left and democratic forces.They are part of the mass democratic movement and they taking the lead and appealing for other sections of the population to jion in.
According to availavle information over 70 young people were detained.Over hundred young men and women are injured some very seriously. There three cases which are said to in dangerious conditions. Since the Security forces are beseiging hospitals young wounded people prefer either to treat themselves or seek private care. Communist and democratic doctors are treating injured persons in make shfit clincs.
The security forces are using naked bruital force to disperse peaceful gemonstrations.
Comrades:Raise your voices, Our youth look for support. It is the beginning.

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