Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nayaf Hawatme, DFLP General Secretary, visits Cuba

One of the most veteran leaders of the Palestian liberation movement, DFLP General Secretary Nayaf Hawatme, has visited Cuba. At a programe commemorating the 40th anniversary of the founding of DFLP, held at the Cuban Institute for Friendship between Peoples (ICAP), Hawatme presented the Martyrs' Order posthumously to the the late ICAP president Sergio Corrieri and the Order of Jerusalem to the current ICAP president Kenia Serrano. Full report (in Spanish) at DFLP website.

In Havana, Hawatme has also met with the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba José Ramón Machado, the Vice Speaker of the Cuban parliament Jaime Crombet Hernández-Baquero, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba Marcos Rodriguez Costa and representatives of the Arab community in Cuba. In his meetings, Hawatme has expressed his solidarity with Cuba and support for the process of socio-political changes occuring across Latin America.

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