Thursday, September 24, 2009


Police kills a young man in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, after he had shouted 'Golpistas' at them. Article with photos at the Honduran daily Tiempo.

The coup regime has to be overthrown. Now. The killings, torture and repression has to stop. All international solidarity must be mobilized to support the struggle of the Honduran people against the military dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti.

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  1. It's not a coup.

    The president has lost his power after he tryed too rule against the law in Honduras.

    He is misrepresentaiting his own politcal party who is Liberal and not Left who he try too govern as.

  2. When militaries storm the presidential palace, kidnaps the president and transports him out of the country, then represses protests with violence, declare curfews and close down radio stations that are critical of the coup, then its a coup. It's as simple as that.

    There is no legal provision in the Honduran constitution that allows the armed forces to kidnap the president, falsify a declaration of resignation and expel him from the country.

    Nor is it in contradiction to the Honduran constitution to suggest holding a non-binding referendum. See , articles 2 & 5 . It is the Supreme Court which has acted in a partisan way, and violated Honduran law. Zelaya did by no means violate article 239 of the constitution, the intent of cuarta urna is not extension of mandate periods, this is a myth spread by Zelaya's oppents.