Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Statement of the Egyptian Communist Party, from Tahrir Square, February 1, 2011

The Lebanese Communist Party has published a statement by the Egyptian Communist Party, found here, sent from Tahrir Square today February 1, 2011. Below is a sketchy and unofficial translation done by this blog:

Statement issued by the Egyptian Communist Party

The revolution will continue until the demands of the masses are fulfilled

The moment of truth is approaching. This is the decisive moment for the Egyptian popular forces for change; to topple the Mubarak regime. It seems that the imperialists, and their American masters in particular, are lifting their hands from him after the continuation of revolution everywhere in Egypt.

Today millions emerge to demand the departure of Mubarak. They will prevent all the conspiracies of the dictator and his gang of spies to thwart the revolution and overcome them.

The formation of a committee, which enjoys the confidence of the people and the demonstrators, is crucial to achieve the demands of the political, economic and social revolution, and we emphasize the basic demands presented by the national forces to the deputies of the people's parliament:

1. Dismissal of Mubarak and the formation of a presidential council for a transitional period of limited duration

2. Forming a coalition government to administer the country during the transitional period

3. To convene the election of a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution for the country based on the principle of the sovereignty of the nation and ensure the devolution of power within the framework of a democratic just civil state.

4. Prosecute those responsible for hundreds of deaths and injuries of revolutionary martyrs and victims of oppression as well as ensuring the prosecution of those responsible for plundering the wealth of the Egyptian people.

5. Long live the revolution of the Egyptian people

February 1, 2011 - Cairo

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  1. Great statements have been released by Egyptian Communist Party and, Revolutionary Socialist Party both on Feb 1st in Tahrir
    The latter's text is:

    The Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt’s Statement of Success!!!
    Glory for the fallen fighters! Victory for the Revolution!....

    Calling all Egyptian Workers: Declaration of the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt:
    Demonstrations and protest assemblies have had a key role in our revolution's flare up and its continuation. Now, not only do we need the workers participation in the reformation of the rebound regime’s destiny through participation in demonstrations,
    The Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt

    Translated by the Communist Workers of Iran

    another translation also available at:
    done by different people in solidarity with Egyptians!

    From Cairo to Tehran it's right to rebel!

    Long live workers, peasants, the oppressed, women, minorities and all people exploited by American Lackeys and other imperialist, pro Zionist bloody regimes

    For complete text, go to